seenaptic : THE Ultimate
Web Quality Platform

seenaptic : THE Ultimate
Web Quality Platform

1st Step : WE COLLECT

Mixing different technologies, seenaptic gets the best out of them. This way, it provides an accurate global view on your websites’s content.
How ?

  • Crawling your website.Those crawls can be full or partial depending on your quality strategy. It works about the same way Google bots do.
    Collect as much as you can

    Run partial crawls on a sample of already known web pages so that you can make sur your last updates are not breaking anything that was properly setup before.

    Monitor your quality : Based on a very regular test strategy, your are even able to alerts whenever an issue is detected.

  • Simulating users’ journey, so that you will get an exhaustive view on your web pages. Some contents are not accessible from robots point of view. Filling out forms, authenticating, getting into an order process, adding to cart, scrolling your pages to check if images are lazy loading… Juste create your own scenarios, and setup what you want to check. Seenaptic will then run them for you, as often as you want…

    Do it on your own ! But don’t forget : We can help you !

2nd Step : WE CONTROL

Based on your  tagging plan, and your configuration, seenaptic will run all the tests required to check all tags, datalayers, or anything else is OK.

If something differs from configuration or if some tags are faulty, unexpected or missing, you will get alerted

Our experts have defined more than 150 Best practices that have a known impact on search engine optimzation and are keeping those up-to date with the most relevant evolution of technologies. By comparing them to what is crawled on your website, seenaptic tells you if Google standards are respected.Google. 

Keep your SEO optimizations up-to-date !

seenaptic computes an overall quality score based on the results of those tests. It lets you track the evolution of that score to avoid regressions on your website.

3rd step : YOU SMILE

seenaptic embeds a smart alert engine which sends only relevant alerts, based on your data history and the evolution of the desired metrics.

seenaptic UI allows you to find out easily what issues were discovered during the analysis process. The higlhy detailed informations provided by seenaptic give the ability to pinpoint the rules that triggered the alerts.

seenaptic make it all easy… but still, our experts are available to help you understand and follow up anything that may have happened. Keep cool and relax !

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