Joining your skills to a unique web quality management platform

Joining your skills to a unique web quality management platform

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seenaptic training program

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A good knowledge on Tag management and SEO best practices is a prerequisite to seenaptic training program, which focuses on giving you a master degree to manage your customers’ web quality.

First part of this training aims at presenting general concepts of seenaptic. Those concepts are illustrated by business cases you may have already encountered. Second part focuses on using seenaptic for real, on a real case to produce quickly metrics and scores, and get deeper into what may be wrong on target website.

A the end of the training, you will be proposed a certification test. If you pass it with a score of more than 95%, you will become a seenaptic certified partner.

As seenatpic roadmap is full of new features, your certification may require to be updated. Our partnership team will let you know when new training sessions are made available. Certified partners get higher priority on updating their seenaptic skills !