Keep your website at its best

Keep your website at its best

Make sure to respect technical best practices to ensure your ranking on search engines
seenaptic SEO controls and tests your website against search engines recommendations and allow you to focus on the most important improvements to achieve. Get the opportunity to rank higher on search engines and get more traffic on your website.

Have a deep look into HTML structure

seenaptic controls our website’s pages in order to check best technical practices are respected, directly in HTML code. 

seenaptic will check html tags definitions and hierarchy. It will also make sure mandatory elements are present such as titles or meta descriptions. The best way to make crawling robots happy !

Google and other search engines require tites and descriptions to be cleanly written. Seenaptic will check this for you.

seenaptic will also check, depending on the context, for the presence of opengraph tags or rich snippets, So that publishing on social networks won’t be a pain anymore.

seenaptic monitors everything to make your website SEO-friendly.

Stay tuned to what robots.txt
should  be….

Robots.txt file tell crawlers what to do and what should be excluded from their crawling process, telling what what should be indexed or not.

seenaptic will let you define what rules should be in your robots.txt and checks regurlary those rules are respected. This way, it avoids deindeing some parts of your website, in case of unwanted update of your robots.txt file.

Redirections are used to preserve traffic from removed urls and redirect it to other pages.

Missing redirections will lead users to a 404, which means page does not exist anymore, raising drastically the bounce rate of those pages.

seenatpic will check regularly that redirection configuration is still effective and will alert you as soon as a mistaken redirection is discovered.

seenaptic tracks down duplicate content on websites !

Duplicate content, or what may be considered so, is banned by Google, because it is considered as a way to artificially improve your presence on search engines.

Besides this fact, users may consider your website less attractive.

When duplicate content are detected by google, your website could be banned from results and may encountered a huge drop in traffic.

Title, meta-decription, text content … seenaptic processes all your website pages in order to detect duplicated content.

Thanks to an algorithm close to what google use to detect potential duplicate content, seenaptic computes similarity ratio between pages and group them into a bucket of potential duplicate contents, when a configurable threshold is reached. 

Keep your SEO optimizations up-to-date

Adding or modifying contents, seenaptic controls regularly any changes that have been made so that it does not affect your ranking in search engines. 

seenaptic’s best practices reference is updated according to Google’s algorithms evolution. Make sure your website permanently respects search engines’ technical recommendations.

Secure your SEO strategy and never loose good rankings in search engines again !

Use contex-based KPIs for better revelancy.

Pages may have differents structures and technical requirements. seenaptic automatically classify website’s pages to apply relevant checking rules only.

An overall SEO score of 88.12% is useless. Knowing blog pages SEO sccore is 100% and product pages one is 50% is far more useful and relevant as it gives a better interpretation and a clear goal to reach. 

Context-based scores let you focus on which optimizations is really important to get better results on search engines rankings faster.

Smart Alerts

seenaptic integrates a smart alert engine. No need to get reports and useless information if nothing has changed compared to a previous analysis.

If your SEO score dropped by 10%, seenaptic will alert to point out what happened !

seenaptic alerts are accurate and relevant ! Say goodbye to 50 pages reports and focus on what is really important !

Seenaptic SEO, it’s also :

Performances overview : slow pages lead to poor search engine rnakings. seenaptic will find them for you !

Third party data: seenaptic will find overweighted resources that impact pages load time.

seenaptic gives pages depth overview:
Optimize your crawl budget.

Internal linking : seenaptic analyzes link structure and consistency.

404 : Track them easily with seenaptic and get rid of them !