seenaptic customer service :
on your own but not alone…

seenaptic customer service :
on your own but not alone…

Setting up seenatpic : our consulting services will help

Classifying pages : For relevant quality analysis, page contexts need to be setup in seenaptic configuration. For tag management, our professional services has years of experience setting up tagging plan for any websites, from the most simple to the most complex.


Specific Configuration :
  • Control rules
  • Alerts threshord
  • User rights and access

We train you on how to get the best from seenaptic

One goal : drive your quality strategy on your own to get more reactivity

seenaptic training aims at getting complete skills on our solution. after getting some experience, you will be able to manage rules and dashboards on your own.

seenaptic training splits into 2 parts : the first one aims at unsderstanding concepts whereas the second one gives you a real experience on how to use seenaptic effectively.

Need special training to focus oon particular pain points ? we are here to help you build what is the most efficient for you and your teams. we can also keep you up-to-date with the latest features.

Consulting services : why not asking an expert ?

Need help ? not enough time ? need to go further ? our experts can help you get the best out of seenaptic on very specific issues you may want to cover. we are here to build specific solutions for partiicular problems. just let us know !

seenaptic experts can do a lot for you : configuration updates that reflects recent evolutions of your website, complete delegation of configuration, tagging plan definitions, seo services… or whatever you could imagine that is an identified quality issue you want to deal with…

Support: our team listens to you

Don’t kow how to interprete your data ? Configuration problem ?
Our support team is here to give you the answers you are looking for.
Listening -  Reactivity - Adaptability.

Interested ?
Request a demo.
The seenaptic team recontacts you
as soon as possible.