Secure your tagging plan

Secure your tagging plan

Your tagging plan’s reliability is the key success factor for data quality and decision making.
seenapptic tags allows users to validate an check on a real-time basis that datalayer configured tags are valid, regarding the configuration that was defined. This is the best to make sure that data shared to partners are consistent.

Trust your data again 

Tag encapsulation is now a common practice. Make sure that embedded tags that may not run on your website are definitely blocked.

seenaptic detects tags that are triggered on page load and that are not configured in your own tagging plan. This way, you may have to choose to blacklist or not into your own tagging plan.

seenaptic prevents you from piggy backing. Known intrusive or blacklisted resources can ben blacklisted, so that you get alerted whenever it appears on your website.

Check tags parameters as they are called by a browser and make sure the respect predefined patterns in your tagging plan.

What are the informations send to external business partners ? Keep an eye on possible data leakage to protect end users data privacy.

Configure your data validator to respect what the law may demand to website’s publishers (like rgpd in europe). This way, you will make sure no private data will be sent to unknown platforms.

Faulty tags or slow tags make your marketing efforts less efficient. Seenaptic will track them for you.

Seenaptic measure tag performance triggered on your websit, enabling you to analyze their impact on page load time.

Configure your tagging plan with seenaptic

Tags are piling up on websites and it makes it more and more difficult to manage partners.
Spreadsheets are commonly used to keep track of what should happen and to define a tagging plan, which is less and less efficient as the number of partners grow.

Normalize you tagging plan with seenaptic. It, business or analytics department will work together to keep your tagging plan up-to-date.

Manage users rights and access to empower them with meaningful data.

Our team will help you build your tagging plan and keep it up-to-date. They will provide you with higher reliability and confidence in your web quality management process.

Our team will help you  build your tagging plan and keep it up-to-date. They will provide you with higher reliability and confidence in your web quality management process.

seenaptic saves the full history of your configurations to give you the ability to fall back to a previous version of your configuration.

Check your tagging plan regularly

Secure your website updates. seenaptic will check your configuration to ensure your tag implementation is still up-to-date and, as a matter of fact, data quality is preserved.

Ease new tags deployment by spending less time testing yourself and letting seenaptic test your tagging plan for you.

Manage your tags’lifecycle. seenaptic helps you secure your tagging plan and its evolutions. It helps you drive your tag management strategy efficiently.

Get a mapview of the tags detected on your website and control partners’tags in one click.

Context based metrics

Classify your pages (product page, home, blog, lists…) with seenaptic and make the analysis easier and more relevant.

As far as relevancy and performance are concerned, tags are not set on all pages of your website.

Thanks to categorization, you can easily control, the right tags are on the right pages. Should this tag be on all pages ? On product pages only ? Seenaptic will give you the answer.

Facebook tag has been found on 80% of your pages ? Is it really a relevant information ? It is far more interesting to know that itw as found on 100% of product pages but not on product lists… this way, 80% is a normal score, but it is difficult to figure it out without categorization of pages.

All scores and metrics computed by seenaptic are context-based.This way, you won’t waste time on issues that are not…

Smart alert engine

Seenaptic provides you with new metrics and quality scores.

You will also be provided with smart alert engine. Weekly or daily reports will give you what has changed compared to previous analysis. No need to get all metrics and data that are not relevant to make the right decision. seenaptic pinpoint what is important for you !

Google analytics tag score is dropping ? seenaptic will alert you. Some tags are not triggered ? seenaptic alert you also !

Stop wasting your time reading complex reports with useless information. Finding out what is happening is straightforward with seenaptic !

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